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Why Cheap Storage Units?

CheapStorageUnits.com is a combination of great prices, cool specials and a variety of storage units mixed into one platform.


Who we are?

We are a team of computer nerds and self-storage buffs that came together to create a place where people can rent cheap storage units at great prices with special discounts and where self-storage facilities can market their vacant storage  units increasing their occupancy rates.


Humble Beginnings Growing

A few years after we started our parent site: EZstorit.com, we discovered we wanted to branch out with a different look while capitalizing on the phrase cheap storage units!  We wanted to offer additional online marketing for our self-storage partners. Thereby creating CheapStorageUnits.com.  A perfect place for folks to find just that “Cheap Storage Units” that they can search online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Just as our goal at EZstorit is to offer affordable flat rate marketing geared towards the independent facility operator, with CheapStorageUnits.com we can offer the additional benefit of a additional platform at no additional cost to the facility. When storage operators save on online marketing, they in turn can offer lower prices. At least that is our goal!


Being the most affordable self-storage aggregator in the industry is one of the things we take pride in.


Not just Helping Storage Operators, but the Community too!

Our storage partners are one way that helps make us a success. However, we could not be a success if folks didn’t reserve through our platforms: CheapStorageUnits.com, EZstorit.com and Storitez.com. Therefore, our end users, folks who rent those units are another way that helps make us a success.


Helping to support students with college costs and supporting local and national organizations is our way of sharing our success.


We know that getting a college education is expensive. That is why we offer two annual scholarships: The Self Storage Employee Scholarship and the Get Ahead Scholarship.


Through these two scholarships we award  the recipients directly with a check of $500, they can put towards some of their college expenses. College expenses like books, fees, housing, meal plans or anything else that college students may need.


We are also blessed to be able to also support local and national organizations that support others in need.  The Habitat for Humanity, American Red CrossFeeding America, St Jude Children’s Hospital, and the American Cancer Society are just a few we contribute to. We appreciate the folks in the community who search and reserve storage units on our site and we support the community right back.


CheapStorageUnits.com is where you can begin your search for finding cheap self storage units online! It’s very easy to search, reserve and rent affordable self storage units so you can move on to other important things in your life.