Are You Heading to College This Fall?

June 22, 2020 by: Lee Preston

Tips for Making it the Ultimate Experience

Even though this school year was met with some challenges, seniors for 2020 are ready to head off to college. Fall is the time of year where most freshmen eagerly pack dorm rooms in universities around the country and if college is on your mind this fall, there are some things you need to know. Here are tips for making college the ultimate experience.

Find a Study Space

College is a wonderful time of exploration and finding out where you want to go in life. In order to achieve your goals, you must study hard and study well. You may be under the impression that studying in your dorm room might be the best solution, but when you live with roommates, you will quickly see that this tactic can backfire. Your roommate might be loud and obnoxious or have friends over all the time, so it is best to find another place to study. Libraries, student centers, and even an old oak tree can be a welcomed change to simply staying in your room. Find your place and study hard.

Take in All the Information You Can Get

You may believe that simply going to classes will get you by and allow you to get a quality education. It will, but when in college, you do not want to simply get by. You want to excel! Excelling in your studies requires taking in all the information given about your chosen field. Seek out additional lectures and educational opportunities from your professors. Many times, your instructors will notice who shows up to these events and may even give extra credit for attendance. Drink in everything you can and learn as much as possible while you are there.

Have a Social Life

All work and no play is never the way to go. Connections you make during your college years can follow you throughout your life. People you meet might go on to do big things and having memories and interactions with them during this time in your life can have the potential to benefit you later. Get out and socialize with other students. Attend parties, but always maintain a schedule of study as well. Find a healthy balance between fun and the reason you are at the school to begin with.

Stay Away from Clutter

When you are learning to live away from home, your first instinct might be to not care about how clean your space is. Buying new furnishings and fun items while at college is fun, but it can quickly make an already cramped apartment or dorm room, unlivable. Regularly clear out clutter and clean up after yourself. You will find that living in a clean space makes it easier to study and your roommate will appreciate you keeping the space clean as well. When too much clutter becomes a problem, consider renting a storage unit. You can keep the items you love for a low monthly fee. Additionally, keeping valuables in a locked storage facility can be essential if you happen to have a roommate that believes what yours is theirs. You know the type.

Remember, You Are Not in Highschool Anymore

For many people, their high school identity will follow them to college, but college is a time to reinvent yourself and get out of the high school box your peers may have tried to keep you in. Take advantage of this aspect and finally become the person you have always wanted to be. If you are worried about being a little awkward, do not fear. Essentially, every freshman on campus is feeling the exact same way as you are all starting at the bottom. Find yourself and seek out people that like you for you. There are all kinds on a college campus, so embrace what you love.

Open Your Dorm Door

Maintain an open door policy with your dorm room, provided your roommate is cool with it and only when you are actually in your room. A shut door means people have to actually knock just to say hi and most people will only knock if they actually need something. By opening the door, you encourage everyone to stop and talk as they are passing by even if they do not need anything in particular. This tactic will allow you to find new friends and possibly get invited to more events as others will see you as an open and friendly individual.

College is fun and the time you will meet lifelong friends. Take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to get the most from the experience. There is a lot to learn, but a lot of fun to be found during this time as well. Get to know yourself and others during this remarkably beautiful time in your life.