How to Decide What to Keep or What to Throw Away

January 29, 2020 by: Lee Preston

During the middle of our lives, we select the right home for our growing families. So we have multiple bedrooms for each child and enough space for everyone to move around, play and to entertain guests. As we grow older and the adult kids move out, the time comes for many seniors to downsize their homes. By downsizing, you get the right amount of space that is needed while lowering utility and maintenance costs.

Since there is less space available in the smaller home, you have to decide on what to keep and what items to throw away. Yet purging can become a stressful and hard process. You simply aren't sure how to start. Here are ways to downsize the number of items that you have and to keep the things that you really need.

Take Measurements to Figure Out Which Furniture to Pick

When having a big home, you may have several similar items, such as bookcases, dressers and tables. The best way to decide on which furniture items to take to the other home is to measure the available space in each room and measure the furniture that is desired for the room. Then select the pieces that will fit into the space without making the room feel crowded.

For the extra furniture that won't fit, consider renting storage units. When a furniture item becomes damaged in the house, you will have a replacement piece available without having to purchase a new item.

Remove Seldom Used Appliances

As seniors, we accumulate lots of appliances as gifts during birthdays and holidays. However, there will occasionally be items that have never been used, or are so rarely used that there is no point in keeping them around. For these items, consider donating them to charities. Charities can give the items to families who may have lost their possessions in a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood or hurricane.

Toss Out Unwanted and Unused Clothing

Surprisingly, clothing can be the toughest items to get rid of in our homes. Even if the shirts or pants no longer fit, you might consider keeping the items because you plan to go on that diet and exercise any day now. Also, you may convince yourself that you want to keep items because you figure that you will eventually wear that special dress or pair of shoes at the next party.

When you have problems fitting the clothes into the closet or dresser, start be getting rid of items that haven't been worn in 1or 2 years. Then remove items that no longer fit. Toss out clothing that is stained or ripped, and donate the rest that you no longer want. You can also sell the more expensive items at a garage sale or online.

Use Self Storage Units to Help Downsize

An interesting and effective way to downsizing your items is to use a storage facility. Self storage units come in various sizes. Select a smaller unit and fill it with all the items that you want to keep. Anything left over can be tossed away, donated or sold at a garage sale or auction site. This method ensures that you only keep what you need.