Moving into a New Home?

July 20, 2020 by: Lee Preston

Tips for Making the Move Easier Than Ever Before

The thought of moving to a new home is exciting as well as a little unnerving, but the task of moving all that you own to a new location is not always so easy. For those that have never moved their possessions from one home to another, here are some useful tips to help make the move an easier endeavor.

Stage Out the Process

When looking at the whole scope of all that you possess over your entire home, anxiety can quickly take over. The sheer amount of possessions we have can boggle the mind, but do not let yourself get overwhelmed by the thought of moving it all. In most circumstances, you have plenty of notice before moving into a new home, so do not procrastinate to the very last second. Take your time and devote a little time each day to packing up one section at a time.

Start packing in rooms where items are rarely used. Attics and basements are often the easiest rooms to start with as these spaces are generally for storage. By taking the home in stages and packing little by little, you are less likely to get overwhelmed. Keep rooms like the kitchen and bathroom for the last days as these are the most used rooms in any home.

Label Everything

It pays to be organized while moving. A move can become a huge mess if order is not given to the process. The tools you will need are permanent markers, plenty of tape, boxes and bubble wrap for delicate items. While you pack each box, make an inventory list of what is inside and write in large letters the room it was packed from. Write it directly on the box and be detailed with it. This way, when you arrive at the new home, you will know which room to put boxes in.


If you have been neglecting to declutter your home, while moving is the perfect time to get it done. You will be going through drawers, cabinets, and every nook and cranny in your home during the packing process, so do not be afraid to get rid of a few things. Take time with each box to determine what is necessary for the new home and what can be gotten rid of. Decluttering your old home is the best way to ensure that your new home gives you a fresh new start with minimal baggage.

Important Document Storage

While moving, it can be very easy to misplace essential documents. These are items such as social security cards, identification, birth certificates, and anything else you may need for your new home or new community you will be moving to. Losing one of these documents often requires a lengthy and time consuming process to get a replacement. Invest in a locked fireproof box for all your essential documents. Also, during the move, keep this box with you at all times. In the event you are using a moving service, never allow your important document box to go on the moving truck.

Stack Boxes Intelligently

The goal of moving is to ensure that everything you want in your new home makes it there safely and in one piece. It is very easy to break items during transit or when carrying boxes to and from each home. Ensure that while packing a moving truck or stacking boxes in either home, that you place heavier boxes at the bottom with lighter packages on the top. There is a lot of shifting and moving around during transit and having a heavy box on top can prove detrimental to your valuables.

Plastic Bags for Possible Spills

Packing liquid items can cause some concern. These things are easy to spill during commute of when carrying boxes. With liquid items, use plastic bags to minimize the risk of spills threatening to damage other items in the same box. Large zip top bags are essential during moving to keep shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and liquid based kitchen staples from spilling during the move.

Thinking of the Pets

Pets do not understand why you are packing up things and moving around the home. It is an abrupt disruption to their routine and sometimes this can cause anxiety to the pet. This anxiety is often exemplified when you, yourself are feeling anxious. Ensure that your pets are kept in a room where they are comfortable but cannot run out of the home. Use baby gates to allow your pet to stay inside and minimize the risk of them running away.

Moving is fun and exciting. You are getting a bright new start and you should be proud. Ensure that everything goes as it should with these helpful tops to make your move a success.