Storage Tips for Growing Families

May 05, 2020 by: Lisa Roberts

Families start small and oftentimes do not need lots of space. When your family starts growing, you become well aware of the fact that space seems to be shrinking and you need more of it. As time goes by, the necessity to be organized and use your storage areas smartly becomes inevitable. If you want to avoid clutter and living in an uncomfortably crowded space, you need to study and apply some storage tips for growing families. Eventually, it will become possible to keep all the items you do not want to part with and still not lose the space you desire so much.

Maximize the storage potential of your home

First, you need to explore, identify, and utilize the storage potential of your home. Pay attention to all those hidden, harder-to-reach areas where you can store the items you do not use on a daily basis. For example, you can use the space under the beds, the highest shelves in your closets, and the backs of your cabinets for this purpose. If you opt for clear plastic containers, you will have no difficulties seeing what is inside each container. Otherwise, you will have to make an effort and label the boxes properly to avoid wasting time whenever in need of some of these stored items. Remember that being organized is vital in this case.

Multi-functional furniture helps

If you get a few multi-functional furniture pieces, you can both increase the storage area and save the free space in your home. This type of furniture is getting more and more popular because it is modern, nice-looking, and immensely practical. Even if you and your family live in a small home, furnishing it with pieces like these will make it seem significantly more spacious. From a mirror perfect for storing your jewelry to an ottoman that can hide various knick-knacks and yet be used for sitting or propping your feet, you will find a vast number of solutions to make your home cozy and the storage potential maximal.

Use your wall space

Using wall space for storing is an excellent alternative when your floor space is limited. A tall bookcase can be used for books, toys, souvenirs, and similar items. Also, if you use some nice decorative boxes, you can store some of your possessions in them and get a nice decoration as well.

Rent a storage unit

One of the best options, when you lack space in your home, is simply renting a storage unit. While this decision will affect your family budget, the cost of a monthly rate does not necessarily have to be high. Invest some time in finding a company that can provide you with top-quality storage services at an affordable price. To make sure your belongings remain safe and intact until you decide to use them again, choose climate-controlled units surveilled with cameras 24 hours a day.

The size of the unit you select affects the price you will have to pay. To be able to pack and store all the items as planned, it is crucial to choose the right size storage unit. If you have never been involved in a similar task before, ask for professional assistance in making this decision. Should you rent a smaller unit than you need, you will end up with having items you have no place to store. On the other hand, renting a bigger unit than necessary will result in paying a higher monthly rate for no reason.

Finally, it is very important to know how to pack items for storage. Only this way will you provide them with maximum safety and use the full potential of the storage space. The items you are more likely to need in the near future should be placed near the door and vice versa.

Reevaluate frequently the items you store

One of the best storage tips for growing families implies that you should frequently reevaluate the items you store. This refers to both the storage areas in your home and the contents of the boxes in the storage unit you have rented. As your family grows, the number of your possessions will grow too, so it is of utmost importance to decide what to keep and what to throw away at least every six months. This is the only approach that guarantees your home will not be cluttered and messy but neat, tidy, and well-organized.

Recognize the right time to move

When you live in a big city, it can be highly challenging to find a spacious home and prepare your family for the move. Many cities like New York have amazing moving crews, that will help organize and prioritize what needs to be done.

The search for a perfect home is a tiring, exhausting, sometimes experience but very rewarding when you find the perfect house that will fit just right. When you realize you need more space than your current home provides you with despite all creative and practical ideas, it is time to relocate and find a home that is more appropriate. Do not hesitate to face this challenge because living in a cluttered home will eventually cause anxiety and stress. Instead, opt for improving the quality of your life by meeting the needs of your growing family and providing your family members with enough space to live comfortably.

Final words on storage tips for growing families

If the lack of space in your homes becomes evident, our storage tips for growing families will help you find a proper solution. Knowing how to use the living space effectively without diminishing its aesthetic value is a skill one needs to master. One of the options at your disposal is to commit some of your time to exploring creative storage solutions. Understandably, renting a storage unit is always a reasonable decision, but it also causes some expenses. If your family budget can bear a monthly rate for a storage unit, your problem can be easily solved.

Whatever storing option you choose; it is vital to reevaluate the possessions you store at least twice a year. This is a rule that professionals always mention when you ask for advice on this matter. If you have not used an item for a year, you probably do not need it and you should get rid of it as soon as possible.