Ways to Re-Purpose Everyday Items

August 26, 2020 by: Jerilyn Alvarez

We all have odd, broken, or just unused items lying around our home. Once or twice a year many of us will gather these forgotten treasures and either throw them out or send them off to a new home through garage sales. However, there is another option that many do not even consider. Re-purposing items is among the best way to maintain your treasures while allowing them to be useful once again. Here are some ideas on things you can re-purpose instead of getting rid of them.

An Old Ladder

It seems as though every home has one of those old, wooden ladders. These pieces of equipment have become largely obsolete and replaced by the higher end metal varieties that carry more weight and stand up better in all types of weather. Equipment upgrades are great, but do not simply discard your old wooden ladder. Instead give it new life in wide range of ways.

Among the top ways to repurpose a ladder is to use it as a blanket ladder. Basically, you take your average ladder and repaint it in your favorite colors, place it leaning against a wall, and hang blankets from it. It provides storage for essential blankets with rustic appeal. Another option is to use your ladder as an overhead storage option.

Laundry rooms tens to be among the smallest rooms in the home and where that can be a negative for providing adequate drying space on rainy days and for delicate pieces, all it takes is a little look above your head for the solution. Mount the ladder from the ceiling about 1 foot above your head. With a few hooks attached to the rungs of the ladder, it becomes the most convenient drying rack for your small laundry room.

Dishrack for Storage and Craft Areas

Dish drying racks, for some are a thing of the past, yet many people, even if they primarily use their dishwasher, have a dish drying rack somewhere in their home. They take up space and are used very little, but with a little ingenuity, you can turn that dish drying rack into a convenient storage area for many different things.

Prongs on a dish drying rack are convenient places to store books and even files and the place generally used for silverware is ideal for pens and pencils. This is a great ides for those who are now having to homeschool kids or a convenient way to keep track of supplies when you are working from home. The dish drying rack can be mounted from the wall very easily taking advantage of vertical space.

Tic Tac Holders

Tic tacs come in small plastic boxes that often get discarded. However, these seemingly insignificant pieces of plastic hold the key to getting yourself organized. Before you toss your next tic tac container, consider the possibilities. A tic tack container is the perfect thing to hold matches and small hair accessories such as bobby pins. You may even want to use these small, convenient plastic pieces for storing spices. Spice racks take up a lot of space and the rounded design does not utilize available storage space effectively. However, tic tac holders can be stacked and take up very little space in cabinets. They can also be taken on camping trips for the same purpose.

Menu Folders

These days, take out is king and keeping up with all of those takeout menus can be a nightmare. For the savvy organizer, however, this is just another opportunity to find a convenient place to put it all. Office supplies such as plastic folders can be excellent ways to take care of your growing mess of takeout containers. Tape one of these folders, preferably ones with full paper sized folder inserts, to the interior of your cabinet. The slim profile will still allow the cabinet to close properly and give you a convenient place to organize those takeout menus once and for all.

Chair Closet Organizer

Space can come at a premium in apartments and small homes, so sometimes getting creative with storage is essential. Old wooden folding chairs can be found at any thrift shops and many of us have these items just lying around. If you are short on storage space in your closet and need an expansion, folding chairs can offer the best solution.

Due to their very light and foldable attributes, they can easily be attached to the wall of your closet or any other part of your home. When folded out, these chairs offer shelf storage on the folded out seat and convenient places to hang your clothing on the bottom rung of the chair. Folding chairs are the ideal solution when you need fast storage or a temporary clothing storage need such as a guest coming for an extended stay.

Toilet Paper Holders

Although there was a time in our most recent history where a pack of toilet paper was on the same level as gold, the market for toilet paper has finally normalized, so you can begin repurposing your toilet paper rolls once again. Instead of handing them to the kids to use as bull horns, do something a little more meaningful with the.

Toilet paper rolls, left after the toilet paper is used, are perfect for rolling up and storing cords inside. Use a shoe box or other type of box and line the stuffed toilet paper rolls inside so you never have to worry about tangled cords again. Another idea for the gardener is to cut toilet paper rolls in half, cut and fold the bottoms and use them as eco-friendly planters. Once plants are able to be planted in the ground, you can plant the whole thing, roll and all.

Whether you are moving to a new home or just looking to clear out clutter from your current one, you likely have a few items that need re-purposing. Take the time to see what you have and come up with creative ways to reuse those products saving you a lot of money for just a little work.