Weird Stuff People Store in a Self Storage Unit

April 16, 2021 by: Jerilyn Alvarez

There are a lot of uses for a self storage facility. Most people use these units to store household goods, and they're also often used to hold stock for a person's business. But there are plenty of other uses for a storage unit. Sometimes, people even use them to store weird and unusual things. That can be against the rules of the facility, though, so it's important to know what's allowed and what isn't. Here are some of the strangest things people have found when they purchased an abandoned storage unit.

Living (and Dead) Creatures

From jars of cockroaches and plenty of deadly snakes, to a significant number of taxidermy animals, storage units seem to be common places for people to put their creatures. It's understandable, in a way. You don't want them in the house if they're dangerous or upsetting (like snakes and roaches often are). You might also not want taxidermy in your house, either, or a partner or roommate may have said no to the idea. But it's often quite a shock to people who buy abandoned storage units.

Human Body Parts

A pile of body parts would likely be a huge crime scene, but people have found jars of gall stones and other types of preserved anatomy in storage units. While it's certainly an odd thing to hang onto, someone who had a difficult time in their life or a serious medical event may want to keep a memento of that. If that person passes away, for example, their storage unit could be sold for nonpayment of storage fees, leaving the new owner with literal parts of the previous owner.

Equipment for Spying

As long as the equipment isn't illegal, there's not much a storage facility owner can do about this kind of equipment being stored there. But it's hard to imagine that someone with a storage unit full of spy equipment was up to anything good. A climate controlled storage unit could protect sensitive equipment for a long time, meaning the person who inherited or purchased it may be able to use or sell it to someone else. How it was first used will likely remain a mystery, though, and maybe that's for the best.

Cremated Remains

When a loved one passes away, they may be cremated and have an urn containing their ashes. But what to do with those ashes is a question not every family is comfortable answering. Maybe the urn doesn't look right on the bookcase, or it doesn't match the color scheme of the house. That could lead to it ending up in the storage unit, where it hangs around until someone cleans out the unit. Often, that's not the unit's original renter. So people end up with ashes of people they don't know, and have to dispose of.

Food (Which Attracts Pests)

Chocolate and other types of sweet foods don't have any place in a storage unit. Even the equipment used for making confectionary items may attract bugs and other pests. That can become a serious problem for the owner of a drive-up storage unit, since it's easy to pull up to the unit and unload confectionary equipment directly into the unit. Then, bugs and pests will start showing up, and it can take a while to find out why it's happening and get rid of the problem.

Old Vehicles

People buy old cars all the time. Some of those cars are worth a lot of money, and others are more about nostalgia than cost. But no matter what they buy or why they buy them, sometimes those cars end up just sitting. A lot of the time, it's because people planned to fix them up but never got around to it. Then the car sits in a storage unit until someone else buys the unit. It's up to them what to do with the car at that point.

(Hopefully) Theater Props

An electric chair, a giant wooden horse, and more have all been found in storage units. Especially with the electrical chair, people would hope it's just a prop. But it's also possible it was a real electric chair, and was taken out of service and given to someone (or simply taken by them). If it's not a prop, it's pretty creepy.

If you plan on buying an abandoned storage unit for any reason, be prepared. The odds are high that you'll just find the odds and ends of someone's life, but it's also possible you'll find something truly odd.