What is Self-Storage? Let’s Find Out

At times you may need extra space to keep some items. Your office may not have enough space to store items that you don’t use more often. On top of that, you may have items in your home that you don't want to dispose of, but you want to keep them in a secure place where you can access them any time you need them. Self-storage is all you need. Self-storage is a storage space offered at a cost to keep items. You can pay for the storage space either monthly or annually. The storage space is exclusively for your use, and no one can access it without your authorization.


What can self-storage be used for?


Self-storage can be used to keep a wide range of items. Many people are using it to store furniture, documents and other office items. On top of that, you can use self-storage space to keep your car, boat, and motorcycle that you don’t intend to use for some time. A self storage facility can also be used to store precision tools, electronics, sporting equipment and even bikes. Most of these storage facilities can also be used to keep high-value items.


What are the factors you need to consider when selecting a self-storage type?


There are many types of self-storage space available. The main factor you need to consider is what you want to store in the space. You cannot rent a space to keep items that are highly perishable unless you rent a climate controlled space. Also, you need to consider how secure your items will be in the rented space. On top of that, you will need to consider some rules and regulations for using some self-storage facilities. Furthermore, consider monthly costs as well as the space provided.


Different types of self-storage


There are several types of self-storage. The types will determine the items you store. It is also important to note that different types of storage space come at different charges. Here are several types of self-storage;


1. Climate Controlled storage


This type of storage is available at an all enclosed building with multiple storage units. The storage spaces range between 25 and 300 square feet and can be used to store a wide range of items. The main thing about climate controlled self-storage is that temperature and humidity are controlled in the facility. On top of that, access is limited to authorized persons. More so, the entire building with the multiple storage units is secure and monitored with security cameras. This makes sure that your items are safe and you can access them any time between morning to midnight.


2. Portable container storage


This type of self-storage is unique and liked by many people. It involves the use of portable containers to store items. The containers can also be attached to vehicles and moved to different places. You can order PODs from top companies, and they can be delivered to your home or business. You can use the PODs to keep all items. Some storage companies will transport the container to their warehouses, and you can access the items upon request. The storage space is mostly used for items that don't need climate control.


3. Drive-up storage


These storage facilities are available and are highly convenient to load and offload the storage unit. Most of these storage units are garage-like, and you can move your vehicle next to the unit for easy loading and offloading. The units are large enough and can be used to store boat, cars and even motorcycles.


4. Non-climate controlled self-storage


This storage type is highly used for items such as furniture, automobile, heavy tools and sporting gears. The storage is almost similar to climate controlled type, but it is not cooled or heated when need be. On top of that, humidity is not controlled. The storage units may not be suitable for books, wood, some metals and even fabric storage. You can easily access the storage units with your car, and that makes work easy for loading and even offloading the units. You can access the storage space any time you want.


5. Mini storage


This type of storage comes with limited space. It may not be used to store large items such as cars but can be used to store items such as documents, books, artworks and a lot more. The cost of mini storage is way below compared to large storage units due to the space available.


What makes some self-storage facilities exceptional?


• Security measures

Many top self-storage facilities have security cameras monitoring the whole building and its compound. You want to keep your high-value items on a place where security is guaranteed. For that reason, you need to go for a storage facility with working security cameras as well as security team ready to protect your stored items. Also, ample lighting and unit alarms boost security measures.


• Keyless entry


Technology has advanced, and many top storage facilities are using the state of the art keypads to access storage units. You don't need to have a key to access your storage unit. Use of keys is analogue, and you need to go for a storage facility where keypads are used to open and close self-storage units.


• Offer and allow the use of hand trucks and dollies


Some self-storage facilities allow the use of hand trucks as well as dollies in their facility. This makes the storage process easy as you will easily move the items in and outside the facility using hand trucks or dollies if your vehicle cannot get to the storage unit. Some offer the hand trucks and dollies at a fee.


Benefits of self-storage


Self-storage comes with a dozen benefits. It helps you to keep items that you value on a safe place mostly if you don’t have enough space at home or in office. On top of that, it helps to keep items in a place where they cannot get damaged. Furthermore, self-storage can help you to declutter your home or office.