Student Storage near Colleges and Universities

If you are like most students, you can’t wait for school to be out for summer! But if you’re in college, the end of spring semester is a very busy one. There are finals, finals and more finals. And of course figuring out what to do with all the stuff you accumulated during the year.  One thing most students don’t think is storing their belongings during the summer. Often students bring home whatever fits in their vehicle and dumps it their room to their mom’s dismay. Unfortunately, a lot of students often discard what doesn’t fit in their car only to have to re-purchase those items when they return to school a few short months later.


Make the end of semester easier on yourself by renting a self-storage unit

“Schools out for summer” is something students can’t wait for. Finals are over and freedom is on the horizon. However, summer can’t begin until you have cleared out your dorm room. No need to rent a trailer or throw out that valuable and costly stuff that doesn’t fit in your car. Instead, smart students store their stuff over summer using cheap self-storage units. By renting a self-storage unit, students can save money, save time and eliminate a ton of hassles. Locating cheap storage units nearby that will accommodate your stuff is easy to find and reserve online. You would like that self-storage was originally designed for college students for just this reason. Make yourself happy and your parents too, just tell them you rented a storage unit near you over the summer.


Reserve your self-storage unit online early

You know the saying; “the early bird gets the worm” students should reserve their storage unit early, like before you get too busy with finals. Students are the only ones who move during the summer, many folks move too. Summer is often the busiest time for self-storage facilities and storage units are booked up very fast during this time of year. Don’t forget if you also need to rent a moving truck to transport your belongings to the storage unit, to reserve it in advance as well.


Save time and your back during your summer move

Did you know there is another option for moving your belongings out of your school dorm or apartment for the summer? Campus Storage offers an option that takes the hassles out of moving your stuff. Campus Storage offers free pick up of your belongings at the end of spring semester, storage over the summer and then will deliver your stuff back to you in the fall. You did read that correctly. Campus Storage serves over 40 universities and colleges across the United States.


Campus Storage makes it easy to move during your semester off or during a study abroad semester. Six easy steps are all it takes with Campus Storage. First pick you free in room pick up date, order your packing materials to be shipped to you. Once your packing kit arrives, you can pack your items at your leisure, however, you need to be completely packed by your pick up date. On your selected pick up date, Campus Storage’s team of dedicated professionals will arrive, carry all your belongings even up and down stairs and then transport your belongings to their climate controlled storage facilities. Once school resumes, Campus Storage will deliver your stuff back to you at your new residence. Campus Storage a college student’s new best friend.